Friday, July 12, 2013

to Lijiang with Papa and Granna

In June, my parents made that long trek across the Pacific Ocean. They are pros at traveling over here now! And despite their entire luggage getting left at the LA airport, despite Mom getting sick her first night here, despite water outages and a power outage, this was still one of their best visits yet. (At least that's what they told us!) The beauty of moving to YN province 2 years ago is that when they come visit in the summer, we no longer have to sweat ever single minute like we have in the past. The weather here is gorgeous. I might just have to live in the mountains for the rest of my life.
Since Lijiang is one of the most touristy areas in the country and we'd never been, we decided to make the trip with Mom and Dad. We got the 411 on hotels and sites from friends and set out on the train. We'd heard the train was the best way to get there since the highway can be pretty treacherous. I had NO idea the train would be treacherous for my dad's back! The "seats" we bought for tickets were actually sleeper cars converted into seating, and the overhead bunk sat a little low for my dad. Bless his heart, he was in need of a massage by the time we got there. (Fortunately, massages here are cheap and he was able to get one to work out the pain!)

My girls passed the time on the train by being super goofy their normal happy selves. Actually, they are good little travelers these days.
Our hotel had a beautiful courtyard.
Lijiang is gorgeous. It's my new favorite city in China. 

  We found plenty of places to take pictures.

The old and the new collide in Old Town. 

Banyan Tree is an extremely expensive but beautiful resort just outside of town. Seeing as how we couldn't afford to stay there, we decided to venture out and at least take a look.

This was by far the most hoity-toity place we have visited on the mainland. I felt a little out of place! I couldn't believe how quiet it was. In a country of constant noise, the absence of it was almost unbelievable.

Correction: it was super quiet and serene until WE showed up. :) My girls must have loved all the grass and beauty because they were wired and loved running around. We did a little kung fu and tried not to get asked to leave. Success.

Love this picture. Love these people.


On another day we trekked half-way up a mountain. Only Kevin made it to the top. The girls did a little posing at a rest point. 

Family pic with Snow Mountain in the background. 
This is one of my favorite pictures of my parents. I loved our time in Lijiang.
The day after we returned home, my big girl turned seven years old! Part 2 of Mom and Dad's visit to come...


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! so much wonderfulness going on in this post!!!
looks like you had a really great time with your parents. they're so awesome to visit so faithfully! i know your girls really love sharing their "every day" with them. so special!
and it looks like you got to enjoy some sweet vacation to boot! yay for R&R!
hope you guys know how much we love you... so excited for the next time we get to see you all... whenever that is!

Judy Gerlt said...

Hi baby. What a great surprise to find this post tonight! Thank you for taking time to pull it together. One of my favorite pictures here is the ninja fighting pose. What a magical night. Love you! Mom